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Hey Guys and Gal(s?)!

Hope all is well up north. Sold the '77 550 to a guy who got it running and am going to enjoy some upcoming work on the 750 and other 550. Wish I was still up in Boston to partake in the rides, wrenching and beer. Miss you all and look forward to reconnecting on two wheels soon. Let me know if anyone gets close to North Carolina or decides to go run the Blue Ridge...I'll be there!


Hi Alex,

Great to hear from you! I will be heading south, with hopeful good fortune and a little decent weather, on June 2nd. I am figuring on being in Boone, NC on the 4th or 5th, after visiting friends in the DC area. If that has any possible interest for you, it would be a great pleasure to share a few hours!

All best!

Hey Alex great to hear from you! You are definitely missed! Where are all your photos of riding in NC? ;) Still havent made it down there but hopefully soon! I started riding again last week after finding out from the surgeon there was no medical reason not to  8) ;D Nothing too far right now but its a start.
Any plans for the summer? Met any fellow SOHCers down there?


Alex!!!  Woot!  Great to hear from you!   And that you're still on two wheels! 

Ben, safe and happy travels south!

Andy, great to hear you're riding again  :)

hope everyone is having a great riding season,

Hey All!

I haven't been riding much, and therefore no pictures worth sharing. I know it's a travesty given the beautiful weather we have most of the year, but there are plenty of reasons I haven't been exploring more. Andy, I have not met anyone close-by other than one guy in Charlotte who I sold my 1977 550 to. I believe Scott S., from the big forum, is in South Carolina...

Ben, I would love to see you and Boone is only 2 hours from me! Do you still have my cell number? I'd love to coordinate something.

Bethany, I hope all is well with you. Are you still in VT?


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