How to fit pelican cases to rack?

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Hi all,

Needing some input as I am not clever enough to figure this to mount pelican cases to the rack...what I would like is to fit pucks on outside of case that somehow slot into the rack and can be opened and closed from inside the case so I can remove case when needed -sort of a quick release system but from inside the case. Anyone got any links for such a product? Thank you! Here are the racks in question...they have brackets at each of the 4 corners...


Could I see a top-down shot of the rack?
I might have a brilliant idea. Depending on how the bars of the rack are designed, it may be possible to you a lock set like what is inside the pelican case. Maybe 3 or 4 locks thru the bottom that hook onto the bars of the rack?

My idea might be to get some U brkts from the hardware store and configure them from what ever aspect allows the bags to slide onto the frame. The bracket on the side that allows the sliding case to seat might be held by a lock, perhaps as Chris is visualizing. My first thought was to use a quick release cam, similar to what secures bicycle wheels, but better if it was not threaded, and just clamped to keep the bag on the frame.
I dont know how easy this is to imagine, but youre welcome to let me know, and I would be glad to help.

Alan F.:
Quarter-turn fasteners seem to be fairly popular with the cruiser crowd.  PM sent.

Yes, something like that is what I was thinking too.


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