Summers day in New England

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Summers day in New England: quick ride up from Boston to Groton, MA to Hollis, NH via quiet back roads.

*unable to post pics as too large :(  and photobucket no longer works. Can I embed photos from Google photos? Does not seem easy


Photobucket gave me that same nonsense. they now extort you for money in order to post on sites other than theirs. Thanks Fox.
I'll have to try the embed/ share from google photos and report back

Alan F.:
Have a look at this:

Glad you're feeling better and able to get out Andy!

I'm weirded out enough that google tracks my location, knows my habits, suggest things to do based on my habits, etc, but I'm even less thrilled having a 3rd party site have access to my google photos.
Aside from doesnt work in forums...
I did find out how to embed in our the little button that looks like a picture frame above the place where you type replies.
It makes a thing that looks like this but i changed the brackets for illustration purposes: {img][/img}
.Right click your google photo and click "copy image address- dont click the share button its garbage.
Copy the humongous link inbetween the two images codes basically between the {img} and the {/img} things.


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