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Instruction below on how to post photos from google photos. Probably works with other photo storage sites, but I dont care enough about those to do the research...
I did find out how to embed in our the little button that looks like a picture frame above the place where you type replies.
It makes a thing that looks like this but i changed the brackets for illustration purposes: {img][/img}
.Right click your google photo and click "copy image address- dont click the share button its garbage.
Copy the humongous link inbetween the two images codes basically between the {img} and the {/img} things.

Alan F.:
I'm trying out
it's a donation supported service, you can create an account but an account isn't required to use the service.
embed images the same way we used to with photobu**** but no annoying adds popping up every other second.



Well Done! Looks like a viable option. I liked how photobitches had an app that worked with my gallery so I could just click a button to share a photo to photobuchet and it would upload to my account. Even the time it uploaded 600 copies of the same photo of an MGB wheel....

Alan F.:
Good point there, I took a look and they do have an app.
Its a little odd getting started, hit the help link and there'll be a login button.... easy from there.

Thanks Alan very helpful will need to try it out.



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