Little bike day

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Met my brother John and a couple of friends over at Mt. Wauchusett yesterday morning. Boy, the road up would make a swell place to have a bike race!
Great hiking too.

Well, I used Photoshop to size the jpeg to under 900k, PITA, but at least it works, and I was able to lighten my too dark original.

Great colour - always did like red/white on a bike after my 1988 CB350F

Thanks, Didn't know you had had the little guy, I had always heard you were born riding a sandcast!

Red and white seem exciting to me, which is always welcome on a 250 single! The 600 single is only red, which seems a bit bland by comparison, and mimics the feel of that bike by comparison. Someday, with time, money, and all caught up with other projects, I would like to see if I can enhance that bike's performance.
Probably wishful thinking..

Looking good, Ben!

I said goodbye to my little bike this Sunday :(


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