Name that bike


What is the bike ridden by the couple in the foreground?

Alan F.:
That's a tough one Ben.

Agreed Alan. Yamaha's xs series from the 80s used a similar style cast wheel, but its slightly different, and I do not recognize really anything else specifically.

Alan F.:
I was thinking Yamaha too. That front fender screams 1968 two stroke, doesn't it? I looked up XS400's and SR500's but the bikes we got here had the 7 spoke wheels with two ribs per spoke, and they all had disk brakes on the front. This appears to be 6 spoke drum front? But if you zoom in on the handlebars, there are no front brake or clutch levers? No wonder he's riding the rear brake and has a death grip on the bars! That rear brake pedal screams Honda with the way it loops under the exhaust like that. The headlight doesn't look vintage either, looks like an H4 bulb unit. And between that skinny front tire and the way he's sitting way up foreword on the tank to make room for his passenger, I'm thinking this is a small bore bike.  I wonder if it's a 'Bitsa' project?

Notice too that that cylinder head has 8 cooling fins on it. Most bikes that came to the states have between 5 and 7, so it could be of more 'regional' origin considering the climate.

Cheers Ben, Happy Sunday to all.


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