Alan's CB750K3

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Alan F.:
I'm finally getting some work done, have a look see:

Good to see someone is working on their bike! I tried to get the sv650 going yesterday but the battery was too low. I'm having some issues with it that I'm going to have to track down, but I'm right in the middle of rehabbing a Fender Rhodes piano.

Alan F.:
Hey there Ben, I'm glad to hear you're getting over the flu.  I've got to make spacers for the front and rear wheels, and maybe a shim for the sprocket to get it into the calculated chain line, but that's all to get it rolling.  I may use my stock fork ears, they'll fit on the forks but aren't in very good shape, maybe I'll fab some aluminum ones and paint them gray too, yeah and my airbox and headlight bucket too! (I love spontaneous ideas) I've got to assemble the front and rear brakes, and get the new rear tire mounted up, but that's about it for the chassis.  Oh, I still have to degrease the frame and paint it.  Then I'm back to work on the engine, still have to get those studs changed out, and reassemble the top end.  Engine side and cam covers will be polished and attached with a stainless screw kit, fork lowers will stay close to the color they are now and I want to top them off with gaiters to keep the style correct and hide those ugly fork tubes.  The front wheel needs to look more like the rear, I'm not sure just what to do there yet.  But it's coming along, with 6 more weeks of winter I'd better get moving, right?

Good luck with the SV, and your Fender Rhodes piano too!

Alan F.:
After some considerable thought about what to do about front tire choice given the 3.5" wide front wheel I picked up last year...and the conflicting tire size I'd planned to go with all along...oops (which I calculated my trail numbers in reference to)  I've picked up another wheel, earlier CBR vintage, and this one's 2.5" wide.  So on with the original plan.  110/80-17 front and 130/70-17 rear.  If for some reason I decide to go with wider tires down the line, I'll keep the 3.5" wide front, and my 4.00 wide rear can handle up to a 170 tire, as if the stock K3 swingarm will allow that....  And up to a 140 front on the 3.5" wheel.  Talk about a steamroller.

that bike looks great with them forks and rims i was thinking about doing something like that myself


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