99 cent special, a CB/CM400 build

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Alan F.:
Today I picked up the tank from Rob in New Bedford, when I saw the tank in person I wasn't quite sure it'd fit..... It was close enough to work with though thankfully.

The front mounts on a CM frame are pretty wide, I had to trim them a bunch and cut down the rubbers to match.

It fits now and the forks don't hit the tank.
The rear mount is an inch or so off and I'll have to fab up something to make that work.

The gap between seat and tank is larger than I'd like, but it's workable.

The petcock lines up pretty well, only need 3" or so of fuel line.

Alan F.:
Here's the rest of the pics, I'm still not sure if I like the yellow or not.

Now I just have to find a "lock" for the filler lid, and it looks like like someone clipped the gas cap tether chain....

What'cha think?

I am not going to lie, i kind of enjoy the yellow.......what is the tank from (i am sure you posted it before but i am feeling lazy)?

Alan F.:
My bet is that its from a 77-78 CB400T I'm not sure what to do about the "lock" on the filler lid, they're NLA from honda...guess i'll steal one from a rusty tank somewhere.  The yellow is growing on me too, maybe i'll make some side covers and shoot them yellow to match.  Nobody would say its a harley wannabe then.....

Alan F.:
With the tank the running total is $237.65


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