99 cent special, a CB/CM400 build

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Alan F.:
I weighed that against price too, I also can't help but notice the angle the bar ends pitch upwards at. For $20 I'll give them a try in hopes that the 30mm rise will also let me slip the tubes up in the trees 30mm. That combined with the 2" longer shocks out back should add an element of "aggressive"  :D  handling that wasn't there before. It may not be a corner carving beast, but it should be a fun ride and pose well next to a stocker for the next owner.....If I sell.

Alan F.:
After thinking some about the pullback those risers won't offer, I've come to the simple solution. I could mill away the 7/8" half round bit from the bottom of the risers and drill/tap my own flat offset mounts. This way I can have the correct offset for my comfort without being limitted to what the market offers. I may even use one large piece of aluminum instead of two small ones just to facilitate a gps or phone mount...hmmm....

Good idea! Meanwhile, would you like to try these?

Alan F.:
Yes thank you, those in combination with the 30mm risers should really do the trick!

Alan F.:
I had a few minutes of free time and daylight yesterday to put the new 30mm risers on, the position is much more comfortable and the rise they offer may be all I'll need. Control cables were re-routed, clamps were added to the fuel line, and the sidestand was replaced with a unit that has the heel-tab intact.
Not a bad time wrenching.


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