99 cent special, a CB/CM400 build

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Alan F.:
So I've been toying with the idea of doing something a little custom with the exhaust, Andy advised against drag pipes, and Peter P. suggested that keeping the crossover pipe would make a world of difference in sound and performance. I really don't want to put any guesswork into this build, so I patched up the old mufflers and bolted it all back together.

First I hit the mufflers with the wire wheel.

the collars needed a good cleaning too.

Then I patched the rust holes with .030" aluminum and a tube of Quicksteel epoxy.

Alan F.:
A can of high heat "black" ....it's a bit browner than I'd hoped but it'll be ok.

The patches look good painted.

And stock pipes should mean a good running bike.

Before I bolted the system back up I cleaned the bottom of the engine and changed the oil, the o-ring on the filter cover looks pretty old, I'd better budget for a new one...

And finally bolted back in place.

Very nice work Alan! It's starting to look like a bike actually  ;)

Alan F.:
Carbs are clean. I hosed them with carb cleaner before storing them in a sealed container last year. They were pretty easy to get clean, and it seems like the accelerator pump will work too. The needles do show some wear, I'll have to check the other set I've got to see if those needles are any better.

I've got to wrap a little more electrical tape around the harness at the headlight bucket after I mount the guages for the last time. And I've gotta borrow the nighthawk battery to test out the electrical system, although I doubt it'll fit the battery box...

Then I'll make up something to hold some fuel and see what happens.


Alan F.:
Today I bolted the ignition switch back in place and squirted a little flat black onto the underside of the gauges, they were a little rusty and it showed... Then after connecting everything back up I borrowed the Nighthawk battery...it's too tall to fit the battery box so I used a few clip-leads to connect it to the bike's cables. (not bad for testing, but they'd burn if I tried to crank the motor) Turned the key and was greeted by the neutral light and the oil pressure light! First question was, am I in neutral? The shifter hasn't been in place for nearly a year, and no chain either...put the shifter back on and yes, it's in neutral, wow!
The right blinkers worked just fine, but the left had a corroded connection where the socket bolts up to the inside of the housing...that wasn't easy to find. The front running lights work too.  I bumped the start button just for fun to see if I'd blow a fuse or melt a wire...the solenoid clicked and the starter motor let out a little groan before I quickly let go of the button, I'll call that one good too. The gauges backlights work too, and by jumping a few connections I was even able to test the high beam indicator light.
The brake/tail light needed another bulb and the tail light was lit, the rear brake switch needed some adjustment once I'd put its spring back in place. The front brake switch, located just behind the lever pivot wasn't switching when it'd click...(this is on the Nighthawk m/c I'd planned for my K3) so I had to grab the switch from the original m/c (seized...) it fits like a glove and works great!
The headlight is still a mystery, the switch is good, bulb is new and works, all wiring seems to connect from point A to point B when checked with a meter. I'll ask on the Hondatwins forums in a bit, but I suspect that the bike may need to be running to light the headlight.

I finished bolting up the crossover chamber (2 bolts) and then I had to monkey around a little with the muffler mounts... I wound up swapping them left for right and bolting them up backwards for a good fit, then I made up some 1/2" spacers to push each muffler outward just a little bit, This improves the look IMHO.
While bolting up the crossover I noticed some old black oil leaking down onto my fresh paint down there...yuck it's a leaker! I'll fix this engine later on when I've got the CB400t kicker engine bolted in, it's been in my basement for about a year and seems to be oil tight. Before I quit for the day I gapped my new plugs to .024" and threaded them in place, the 90 degree plug boots I'd picked up weren't gonna fit (I'll post pics later, maybe someone will need them) so I grabbed a pair of plug boots from my K3's coils... They're a 120 degree angle and fit great.

I didn't have a chance to snap any pics today but tomorrow I expect to remove the rear fender and wheel, and slide the airbox back so I can get the carbs back in place, then add fuel and hope for the best.


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