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    The "Boomer" is 1966 I believe and I'm glad for you Ben and your newly found respect. Rodney would be happy for you too as would his doctor, Dr. Vinnie Boombatz.


"I went to my doctor the other day. You know my doctor don't yah? Dr. Vinnie Boombatz? I said I don't know what's wrong with me. I got up this morning looked in the mirror and wanted to throw up. My doc, he says, I don't know what's wrong with you, but your eyesight's perfect! So I says I want a second opinion! He says, OK, you're ugly, too!"

I wish Dr Vinnie had done a better job for RD!

How can you hate a guy with lines like:

I'm trying a new diet now. The diet is Viagra and prune juice. I tell ya, I don't know if I'm coming or going.
Last week I told my psychiatrist, "I keep thinking about suicide." He told me from now on I have to pay in advance.
Here's one for Sammy:
My dog needed training, so I brought him into the bedroom at night. From me he learned how to beg. My wife taught him how to roll over and play dead

Beverly is a good midway point to meet for our March meeting. Maybe we could meet on the 6th and toast Mr. Puck?

   This has always been one of my favorites...."I'm tellin' you its been a rough day. I got up this morning...I put my put shirt on and a button fell off. I picked up my briefcase and the handle came off. I'm afraid to take a leak!" I'm pretty sure I saw him tell this on Carson late one night. It had Carson just about falling out of his chair with tears running down his cheeks he was laughing so hard. The thing about wasn't just the lines. It was his delivery and his appearance. Nobody else could have delivered his lines like he did. In this instance he was sitting down talking to Carson and just started telling the joke as a part of conversation. And then there's the heyday of the Tonight the top of his game nobody could match Johnny Carson and the people he brought on. I remember Buddy Hackett telling a joke about Sumo wrestlers one night. Possibly the best delivery of any joke I've ever seen and heard delivered. Unfortunately I can't remember nearly enough of it to tell it and my numerous searches for it have come up short.

   I'm up for toasting Mr. Puck...let's figure out where.



   I'm up for toasting Mr. Puck...let's figure out where.


I'm up for that. And we'll have Groundhog Day, President's Day, and Vernal Equinox to make up for as well.

Now THATS a beer Mike! Can I get served by the hot pregnant woman as well ;-)

Ok lets go a Beverly/Gloucester meet for the next beer night AND a Birthday Bash for Mr Puck.

What day in the near future suits for a Beverly Run? How long is Boston -Beverly?



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