Ride this weekend?

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It looks like the weather would be nice this weekend. Perhaps some showers Saturday evening. I can take one of the days off and I would like to go for a ride. If anyone else is going may be we can hook up. I can go early on Saturday, but I have to be back before 4:00. Sunday I can go around 11:00 and I can go as long as I want. There is a Sunday ride on another board that I would probably attend if no else come up with something better.

anyone interested in the MTE from the Northshore, well get yourself counted.....we will meet in Newburyport at noon and head on through Southern NH......after a nice ride through great roads of NH, we will drop back down into Mass. to Burlington....we will stop midway for a break.....

MEET LOCATION: Mcdonalds on Storey Avenue in Newburport (Rte. 113)
ride time: 2 hours (stop 1/2 way)
arrival MTE: 2:15p



I'm away this weekend, so I'm out, hope it's nice here while I'm gone,

I have to work on saturday in the a.m.
Sunday holds some potential, although I'll likely be hungover and in a fairly foul mood, post-halloween.

Okay Ben. Have fun wherever you are going.

Chris, you are never in a foul mood ;) Give me a call if you wanna take a ride and a beer (or few)

Anyone else?

I am supposed to be riding to see Chris so he can demonstrate the finer points of VStrom maintenance....I need to do this...if time afterwards always up for a ride ;-)

So whatever day Chris is not playing dress up  ;D  ::)


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