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smack doogle:
Hey all.  I'm newer to the scene of SOHC Honda's.  This past X-mas I found a '73 CB750 here in Boston for $40 so I grabbed it with high hopes to strip it and put it back together (low cost rebuild done cheap but strong running) for my wife.  This would be her first bike, something to learn on.  I was immediatley reading everything on and before I knew it I had the bike stripped to bare frame (within 5 days) and began sanding the frame down.  Had the engine tore down (realized it may not be rebuildable, someone affixt the filter permanently to the lower half) but anyway, that is where the work stopped.  My wife ended up in the hospital for a while.  Now she's out so I'm ready to get back at the bike with some free time on weekends and the evenings depending on how the Mrs. is feeling.  She can't even drive a car for six months so riding/learning a bike is out of the qeustion till maybe next year which means I get the CB750 till she's okay.   Heard about you guys on the forums so I thought I would check out the local crazy's, see if I could hang around and learn some of your tricks, maybe find a decent engine I can throw in my bike. 

A little about myself-I'm active duty Navy stationed on the USS Constitution (I give special tours for Honda CB750 parts ;D)  28 years old and my daily driver (now that the temp is above 25 in the mornings) is my beloved 2002 Honda SuperHawk.  Anyway, good to find you guys.

Welcome.  We are more than happy to help you out , whether it is scoping out parts or giving tips on how to help out on your bike.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  :)

Hey & welcome!  

Some of the guys around Boston get together for a regular beer night.  Get the 750 together in time for the Owls Head Transportation Museum annual vintage bike & airplane show.  There were a bunch of us SHOCers up there last year.



Welcome! Im in Roslindale and can help out if needed. We are also having our monthly beer night tonight if interested  ;) Check out the Events section. If you cant make it tonight there is always next month ;-) Between us Im sure we can get you back on the road. There was a guy on the South shore selling a CB750 engine recently and I know Michael in Medway was selling one for a $100 not so long ago. Check For sale section in the Main forum. And dont forget Mike Rieck is in Ashland, MA - expert SOHC engine builder.

And if thats not enough check out Steves website or go see his collection of bikes/parts in Ashland, MA - he is clearing out  -may be able to help as well.

I also know a guy in NH who is keen to sell his 836cc CB750 if you want a well-maintained running bike.


smack doogle:
Thanks for the welcom.  I saw the beer night was tonight but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it, we'll see.  I'll definitely be posting here when it's engine time.  I want to get the frame/swingarm/wheels painted first before I get an engine.  That way I can just throw it in.  I have the carbs waiting to be cleaned.  The wiring is all there but may be a mystery when it's time to reinstall.  I'll be in touch with you guys though and probably will be offering beer for some assistance.


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