Riding 12/29 or 12/30

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Hey all,
since i've got the week off, I may take a ride out to Central Mass. on either tuesday or wednesday, depending on the forecast.
I'm actually planning on hitting New Salem for something over on the adv riders forum, so if anyone's up to it, let me know and we'll make some plans.

I probably have to work both Monday and Tuesday. I know New Salem fairly well now although 30 years ago I knew it really well as I had a girl friend who lived there. Is it one of those photos things on the ADV forum? What are you looking for?

yup it is, target this time is Bear's Den. By the waterfall or something.
just an excuse to ride out 2 a little bit and hit 202.

When you get off of 2 onto 202 look for a sign on your right for Elm street, it'll say "Lake Mattawa", that's the way you want to go.
Should be nice, I guess Harvard owns a bunch of land out that way now as well as the Trustees of the Reservation, who own a big block on Nantucket as well. Nice out there!

I would join you but Ill still be in Montreal or will be in Northern Vermont by that point ;)

Have fun!


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