February SOHC-motorcycle beer night -Thurs 18th Feb - Doyles Bar, JP

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The last "winter" SOHC beer night perhaps before "Spring" is upon us....so what better way to celebrate than by having a beer night and thinking about future rides and projects...

I picked the last beer night location so lets have some preferences...if none are forthcoming Ill pick the Corrib bar in West Roxbury  ;)

Hope to see you all soon

I thought the Corrib was for old people. Last time we were there, I was nearly the youngest person by 35 years. Perhaps the local library, or maybe we can walk around the inside of the mall, so as to get some exercise as well.
I'm just kidding, the corrib is fine by me, if no one else has a suggestion.
but I can't do wednesdays.

I'm disappointed to say that I'm not going to be able to make either of those dates as we have French guests arriving on the afternoon of the 17th. Isn't Chris the youngest member by 35 years of this group too?
Woof, woof!

Bier, Bier, Bier! Es muss Bier und viel davon. Jede Nacht ist gut für mich. Ich könnte sogar in der Lage sein, ihn in eine dieser exotischen Orten zu machen.

I, too, would like much of beer in the exotic places. the corrib sounds a little too unexotic, but I have yet to come up with another suggestion.



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