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My name is Jeremy and I'm on the SOHC forums.  Recently I got a nice message from Andy750 giving me recommendations on my summer trip, and after reading it I saw a previous message that I had forgotten about.  It was from Alan inviting me to join this local group, so here I am finally getting around to it.
I'm currently studying music at Plymouth State University, but my bike is at home in Pittsfield, NH, so I've been bouncing back and forth the past couple of weeks while making some repairs/improvements.  I'm in the midst of adding new wheel bearings, brake pads and lines, chain and sprockets, tires, steering bearings, and lots of other bits that look questionable. 
With the nice weather this weekend, and my bike in pieces, I felt like I was getting caught with my pants down!  I wanted to ride badly, but had to remain diligent. 
Anyway, all this work is in preparation for my big trip this summer.  Once I get the bike back together, I'd be up for some local rides to dial it back in. 
Here are a couple of pics, I've probably posted these on sohc before, but oh well!
On the seacoast this summer:

And in bits over the weekend:

Here's my travel planning blog, if you are interested:
Here's to spring!
Jeremy B

Hey Jeremy,

Welcome to the local forum! I hope the bike prep is going well - you are going to have a great experience!!


Nice looking that green.  Good luck getting it back on the road fast!

And the trip sounds great...I did a little bit of it 2 years ago, out to Tennessee and back, on my 400f. Skyline Drive / Blue ridge parkway was the highlight, what an incredible road!   



Hey Jeremy, welcome. I too am a life long motorcycle and (rhythm &) blues guitar devotee. That is one great trip you're planning!
All best,


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