My Rickman Partz!!

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Spent the better part of yesterday being a dirty case polisher! But the results were so worth it! Should I clear them now? What is the consensus? Is clear out of a spray bomb good enough?


Looking great Phil! I can't say anything about a clear coat, so I will keep my mouth shut.


Alan F.:
Nice job Phil, I can't wait to see (and chase) the whole bike.   ;)

Thanks all! I have to say that polishing is one of the dirtiest jobs you can do! Good thing the end results are usually worth it! Andy I think I have one other cover like that! If not maybe we can find one out at Rhinebeck this weekend!


Hey Phil,
They look great. Next time call Mike Rowe for help, maybe you can get on TV if it's dirty enough!
Most of those parts are easily removable for future polishing as needed, and won't need it too often if you don't ride the Rickman in crappy weather. I've heard that heat turns most of the clearcoat offerings yellow, but I'm sure that there's better info out there.
Looking forward to watching you and Andy duke it out on the CBs,


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