My Rickman Partz!!

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More polishing up for the Rickman! All I got to do is to polish the frame and swingarm, get the hardware replated and then I can start assembly!

Cheers, Phil

Very nice!

Very shiny Phil! Looking forward to the Spring/Summer to see this thing rolling...


 I am working on the Rickman now so it will be ready by late Spring, I am hoping! That 1st pic was taken before I had even started polishing the frame! Here is one after the first cut! It is hard to tell in pictures though.


Well today was a perfect day to stay inside and do some polishing! Especially because I had just received some new polish, thanks to a great tip from Bob Simpson! The polish is called Excites Pure Metal Polish, , and the stuff just flat out works better and easier than anything I have ever used!

For one, it is a liquid polish and is so much easier to use than the paste stuff I usually use, and secondly it just does an awesome job! My own secret little trick is to start by polishing using 0000 steel wool! I tried it on a hidden part of the frame and it works awesome! A couple more passes with this stuff and I will be ready to start putting it back together! Well that is after I drop off my hardware to get replated!!

Cheers, Phil


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